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I have been into this Hip Hop field for the past 6 years. I love and deeply understand the necessity of this self-zoned Hip Hop vibe or culture.

To all the people who love and live Hip-Hop, we are ready to help them in every possible way. I am a writer and use to publish my own songs too, which you can find here – MSB2.0.

As an hip-hop artist, I felt many gaps in the market, where people are still uneducated regarding Hip-Hop fashion,  Updated Hip Hop Global News, Royalty Free Hip Hop Music Beats and How to set up own hip hop music studio. So to resolve all these issues, I came up with this website- Streets Vibe, where you will get every answers regarding Hip Hop Fashion, Hip Hop Global News, Royalty free hip hop music beats and the correct path by which you can setup your own hip hop music studios ,where you can record your own songs and also, can start it as a career too. 


About me

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We offer free services and knowledge by which you can find out your own individuality, your own hip hop fashion sense, updated hip hop global news and every possible thing that keeps you motivated and updated towards this Hip Hop Culture.

Our mission is to provide friendly, personalized, and the best knowledge services to our hip-hop buddies, so that they can wear, be updated, and confidently live their Hip-Hop culture. 

Also, through this medium, we are providing the free articles or blog posts on, how to start or setup your own hip hop music studio in very cost-effective manner. So you can start learning it here and can adopt it as your career too.
Here we will be talking about every necessary elements or things must for the hip hop music studio’s, like- Condenser Vocal Recording Mike, Sound card, Monitor and other hardware accessories with best free or paid software needed to mix-master the music with vocals and more such interesting and knowledgeable stuff. So stay tuned and always be motivated towards your art, rest I am always with you buddy. 👯‍♂️

Always keep in mind that Hip-Hop is just a zone and your way of looking or contributing to it makes it a fully hip-hop culture. Finding your own vibe is the root point of this culture, so always keep motivating yourself and keep practicing hard, as High dreams always need High Efforts. So let’s be together on this glamorous journey and keep growing this beautiful Hip Hop culture.

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CEO and Co-Founder


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Mohit Singh Bhakuni

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