Explore here the most beautiful Royalty & Copyright Free Hip Hop Beats and use them for any of your commercial or personal purpose without taking care of any copyrighting issue.

Explore multiple categories in Free Hip Hop Beats here

All the beats available inside these music categories are totally royalty free or copyright free. I personally had written my own songs in these hip hop music beats here. And till now I have not faced any kind of issue regarding the copyright. 

Here, I have enlisted more than 8+ hip hop music categories, which are totally copyright free and in just few clicks, its very easy to download too. Let’s explore the categories below, which Streets Vibe, is providing:-


1. What is royalty or copyright free hip hop music beats mean?

Generally royalty free is a licensing term for any intellectual property such as music here, where the user needs to pays for the content or music for once and than he is allowed to use it without paying any further royalties.  So, once you have downloaded the track than you usually have the right to use it without any additional fees. 

Whereas, copyright free music is that music where all the copyrights owned by the owner has been expired and the music here been totally free to use without any restrictions, even no payment is required too. 

2. Does Street Vibe provide copyright free or royalty free hip hop beats?

As for now, Streets Vibe is including the copyrighted-free hip hop beats list from the Google’s YouTube library in very organized manner. All the beats here provided by us, is totally free to download and use

Its always been a best practice to appreciate or add attributes of the copyrighted free beats artist or label. And for the easiness of our hip hop buddies, we already have added the artist or label name with every hip hop beats available here.

3. How to download these free hip hop beats from Streets Vibe?

Step1: Find your desired music beats categories first, like- Melody Beats, Dark Beats, Hardcore Beats, & etc. from our Streets Vibe Music section.

Step2: After selecting your hip hop category, simply click over it to get multiple free hip hop beats regarding that particular music category.

Step3: You will be getting multiple hip hop beats now, with their title and audio player. So simply listen or select your music beats.

Step4: After selecting your beats, simply you need to copy the hip hop beats title provided there. 

Step5: Now to download your hip hop beats, you need to access the YouTube library (Google’s platform which has tons of royalty free or copyrighted free music beats) platform first, or you can simply click on the Downloading Link button, provided below in every hip hop beats too. 

Step6: Here in the YouTube library search panel, find or paste the music beats title, which you have copied little earlier. And you will be getting the instant downloading icon⬇️ there to download your particular desired hip hop beats.

Note:- Sometimes while searching your beats, you might get multiple beats. Don’t get confused over here, just simply find the exact title from the list.

4. If Beats I need to download from the YouTube Library only, than why to choose Streets Vibe?

Yes, I understand the concern that at the end you need to download the hip hop beats from the YouTube library, only. But than also Streets Vibe are updating their hip hop beats regularly, and the reasons behind it as follows:-

  • YouTube Library has tons of music beats, in different categories. It also has tons of short or long duration beats including comedy beats, horror beats, news beats, and other romantic elements beats or video purpose beats. And to resolve all those confusions or multiple categories, we are organizing or categorizing the trendiest free hip hop beats in our Streets Vibe Music section. 
  • YouTube Library has huge database so we are saving your time and effort in searching.
  • Regularly we are updating our lists, so you will be getting multiple free hip hop beats in particular categories.
  • Every beats available here is totally cost-free.

5. List all the website that offers copyright and royalty free hip hop beats?

6. Is it legit or copyrighted free to use YouTube Library beats?

Yes, it’s totally legit or copyright free to use YouTube Library beats.

7. List out very popular categories of hip hop music beats?

Melody, Dark, Hardcore, Trap, Lo-fi, Old-School, Afro and etc. are the trendiest or most popular categories of hip hop music beats. Now its very easy to find multiple hip hop beats in these particular categories from Streets Vibe Music section.

8. How many total beats are available in every Hip Hop Music Beats categories of Streets Vibe?

Till now, we are having more than 20+ hip hop beats available in every particular categories. But regularly, we are updating it and listing it here.

9. How to get the customized hip hop music beats?

To get the customized Hip Hop beats there are some possible ways, which are as follows:-

  • Need to learn the software’s like- FL Studio, Pro Tools & etc. Also, you need to have the knowledge regarding the instruments too for self making the customized beats.
  • You can hire freelancers or professionals for it.
  • You can also reach out to nearby professional Music studio’s, who can build customized beats for you.
  • Also, you can join our telegram- Streets Vibe channel and we can help you here in getting multiple music beat makers contacts and even customized beats too.
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