Free Hip Hop Melody Beats

music beats CD

- Like That

music beats CD

-Fish Room

music beats CD

- Fusion Of Dhol

music beats CD

- Keep It 98 Plus 2

music beats CD

- Loose Slip

music beats CD

- Plantation Island

music beats CD

- Raga: Dance of Music

music beats CD

- Scary Island

music beats CD

- Touch

music beats CD

- Festivities in Belize

music beats CD

- Find Your Way Beat

music beats CD

- Dynamite

music beats CD

- Stranger In the Way

music beats CD

- Tangled

music beats CD

- Running Out

music beats CD

- Greedy

music beats CD

- Good Times

music beats CD

- Top Of The Morning

music beats CD

- Make Love Not War

music beats CD

- Sunny Over The Horizon

Explore here the most beautiful Royalty & Copyright Free Hip Hop Melody Beats and use them for any of your commercial or personal purpose without taking care of any copyrighting issue.

Copyright Free Hip Hop Melody Beats

All the hip hop melody beats available inside this music category are totally royalty free or copyright free. So without getting any copyrighting issue, you can use them in any commercial as well as personal purpose. 


1. What really hip hop melody beats mean?

This essentially refers to the hip hop music compositions with melodic elements (such as flute, guitar, tuning or etc.) and are totally available for free to use it further without taking care of any copyright issue. 

Streets Vibe Music provide you both royalty-free and copyright free hip hop melody beats, which means you can use these beats or music, without taking care of any copyrighting issue or any royalty giving issue. You just need to find these tracks based on their title and need to search it on the YouTube library database, and than just use it buddy or explore your art more.

Streets Vibe has chosen or listed only the YouTube library music beats here, and there are two main reasons for it:-

  • It has tons of fresh and melody vibe music beats.
  • All of these beats are totally free to use, so no money is required to download it.
2. What is Melody in Rap? And how can you write melody in your rap?

Melody in rap is the arrangement of high and low notes or vocals in any song to sound it more melodious and peaceful vibe. 

The melody is created through rhythm, flow and tempo of your vocals or lyrics. Actually it is very experimenting area so to create a melody, you can use various techniques, such as changes in pitch, rhythmic patterns, switching syllables, rap flow and beat switches with vocal melody. 

I personally like this zone a lot and till now I have made 5+ songs of melody, which you can check over here- Msb2.o

3. How to download royalty free hip hop melody beats?

Step1: From our Streets Vibe Music section, simply select or click on the Hip Hop melody Beats card or box.

Step2: Now, you will be getting multiple hip hop melody beats, with their title and audio player. So simply listen or select your music beats.

Step3: After selecting your beats, simply you need to copy the hip hop beats title provided there. 

Step4: Now to download your hip hop beats, you need to access the YouTube library (Google’s platform which has tons of royalty free or copyrighted free music beats) platform first, or you can simply click on the Downloading Link button, provided below in every hip hop beats too. 

Step5: Here in the YouTube library search panel, find or paste the music beats title, which you have copied little earlier. And you will be getting the instant downloading icon⬇️ there to download your particular desired hip hop beats.

Note:- Sometimes while searching your beats, you might get multiple beats. Don’t get confused over here, just simply find the exact title from the list.

4. List all the website that offers copyrighted free hip hop melody category beats?

5. Is it legit or copyrighted free to use YouTube Library hip hop melody beats?

Yes, it’s totally legit or copyright free to use YouTube Library hip hop melody beats.

6. How many music beats are there in Hip Hop Melody category available in Streets Vibe?

We are updating it regularly. Till now, we are having more than 20+ hip hop melody beats available here.

7. How to get the customized hip hop melody beats?

To get the customized Hip Hop melody beats there are some possible ways, which are as follows:-

  • Need to learn the software’s like- FL Studio, Pro Tools & etc. Also, you need to have the knowledge regarding the instruments too for self making the customized beats.
  • You can hire professionals or freelancers for it.
  • You can also reach out to nearby professional Music studio’s, who can build customized beats for you.
  • Also, you can join our telegram- Streets Vibe channel and we can help you here in getting multiple music beat makers contacts and even customized melody beats too.
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