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Hello hip hip lovers, welcome back again to our news panel.  Let’s start exploring the most trendy headlines of Domestic Hip Hop News or Indian Hip Hop News. So let’s start:-

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Big News Today Revealed: “Vijay Dada” Hip hop artist of MTV Hustle 03 got the ticket to the finale

Vijay Dada” a contestant from MTV Hustle 03 has got the ticket to the finale. So he is also in the finalist queue other than “Mrunal”. He is well known for his clever, cool-vibed songs or entertainment factor, and this is the reason he got the finale ticket from the “Badshah” on the latest episode of MTV Hustle 03.

I love “Vijay Dada” songs, and what about you, comment below:-

mtv hustle

Also, MTV Hustle 03 has announced another Hustle for Tamil People. So it is a big time for Tamil rappers, as MTV Hustle is providing them with a big stage. Auditions are going on, go and live your dream bro.

“Emiway” again dissed back “Kr$na” on his new track “Rehem”

A very big and shocking DHH news: Recently the track “No Mercy” was been out on YouTube, a track from the “Deep Kalsi” album “Tunnel Vision”. It is a collaborative track of “Raftaar, Kr$na, Karma, Deep Kalsi”. Here in this track, Kr$na has spitted some bars targeting “Emiway Bantai”.

So, in the reply “Emiway Bantai” has released his new track named “Rehem”, where he also replied “Kr$na’s” in his way. 

This track is also in the #9 position on the YouTube Trending Music.

“Seedhe Maut” has released a new music video for his track “Dikkat”

Seedhe Maut”, a popular hip hop artist has recently dropped a new music video for his track “Dikkat”. Just 17 hours have passed and this track has more than 94k+ views on YouTube. People are loving it, what’s your thoughts on this, comment down below:-

The new music video for the track “No Bakshis” has been released from “Vijay Dk” YouTube Channel

“Vijay Dk” a mumble Indian rapper has released a new music video for his song “No Bakshis”. It is a pure mumble track with a beautiful music beat and an amazing rhyming set. 

The song or video was released one day ago and till now it has more than 153k+ views on YouTube.

The new track “Haldi Aur Doodh” from “Muhfaad” now been out on YouTube

Recently “Muhfaad” released his new track “Haldi Aur Doodh on YouTube. It is again a banger and one of the high-lyricism art tracks. With his unique rhyming skill set or writing pattern, he very beautifully nurtured this track. You will be definitely getting a high or powerful vibe through this track.
I personally like this track, what’s your views on it, comment below.

Fan rushes on stage to hug Kr$na during the performance in Guwahati

Hip Hop Artist “Kr$na” was having a live show performance on “Guwahati” on 09-December-2023. While he was performing a fan rushed onto the stage to hug him, which made him angry or conscious too, as the fan was even dragging him. However, the Management team quickly held him and resolved this issue in a very short time. And the show again moved on.

In recent times, these kinds of situations have been increasing too much, what’s your views on it, don’t forget to comment down below:-

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Regularly we are updating every big Indian Hip Hop News,  including the news related to DHH (Desi Hip Hop) and Indian Underground Hip Hop Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Global Hip Hop News.
So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and International Hip Hop News.

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