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Indian Hip Hop News 07-12-2023

Hello Hip-Hop lovers, sorry we are late this time but we assure you that from now on you will be getting Indian hip hop news regularly. So again I welcome you back again to our Hip-Hop News panel. Let’s start exploring the most trendy headlines of Domestic Hip Hop News or Indian Hip Hop News. So let’s start:-

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Big DHH News: Deep Kalsi's new Album “Tunnel Vision” is out now

The most awaited Album “Tunnel Vision” of “Deep Kalsi” has been out on YouTube. In recent times, this album has gotten so hyped, as this album contains the collaborations of  Big Hip Hop rappers like- “Raftaar”, “Kr$na”, and Dehradun rapper, “Karma” in “No Mercy” song.

Already one day has passed and till now it has gained around 254k+ views on YouTube and holds 24# on YouTube Trend Music.

Big News Today: King shared his feelings on the Audience throwing stuff on artists during stage performances

Hip Hop Artist “King” shared his views about the recent matters where the audience throws stuff upon artists in the live shows, to grab their attention. His article has been published in “The Hindustan Times”, where he very politely warns the stuff-throwing audience by replying that he is also from Delhi, and he always maintains some gap between his fans, and if also, the same thing happens to him, than immediately he would take some serious action or embarrass him on the show.

Aricle:- Read The Article Here.

Big News Today: Stunning beautiful track “Humnasheen” featuring Gravity X Bella is out now

One most underrated but very beautiful track “Humnasheen” is been out now on the Gravity YouTube channel. Both legendary artist- “Bella” and “Gravity” has done a wonderful job, hook lines of the track and rhyming skill set, all are top notch. I literally had goosebumps while hearing it out. Both artists have pious art skills and surely you felt that vibe in the track also. Must listen to this track-

Real Boys and SMG collab EP “When We Ride” has been released now

Very interesting news for Indian Hip Hop listeners as popular Hip Hop Artists, SMG, and Real Boys Gang’s new EP named “When We Ride” was released on Spotify, where the EP has around 4 very pretty and vibed tracks. All the tracks have very powerful and strong vibes, I personally like- the “Gang Business” track a lot.
It’s also been out on YouTube now and till now it has more than 20K+ views in just 1 day.

Spotify 2023 Wrapped has been released

Every year Spotify shares the streaming counts of music artists per year. So in the following list, am sharing with you the stream counts of some popular artists, which are as follows:-

  • Artist “Honey Singh” got 42.1M Streams, 1.3M Listeners, 1.9M Hours in 162 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Divine” got 240.9M Streams, 22.2M Listeners with 10.5M Hours of playtime in 183 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Seedhe Maut” got 84.2M Streams, 4M Listeners, 3.6M Hours in 174 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Bella” got 42.1M Streams, 1.3M Listeners, 1.9M Hours in 162 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Raga” got 75.1M Streams, 9.1M Listeners, 2.5M Hours in 180 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Karma” got 37.1M Streams, 3.5M Listeners, 1.6M Hours in 175 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Emiway Bantai” got 169M Streams, 14.8M Listeners, 7.9M Hours in 181 countries this year.
  • Another Hip Hop Artist “Badshah” got 816M Streams, 55M Listeners, 39M Hours in 184 countries this year.

Great news for Artist King, as he got most Strems on his song “Maan Meri Jaan”

As we have discussed, Spotify 2023 Wrapped is out now, and according to this survey, Hip Hop Artist “King” has the most streams on his song “Maan Meri Jaan” on Spotify, where it manages to get 274M+ Streams

Artist Young Galib's new track “Kehne Bhi De” is out now from Bantai Records

Artist Young Galib’s new track “Kehne Bhi De” is out now on YouTube from Bantai Records Channel, where till now in two days, it got 93k+ views. The song is very sufi and a little emo-type in Bombay slang. It has pleasant music and amazing bars, you must listen to it once.

Conclusion: Grab the Latest Indian Hip Hop News/DHH News Hip Hop/Domestic Hip Hop News

Regularly we are updating every big Indian Hip Hop News,  including the news related to DHH (Desi Hip Hop) and Indian Underground Hip Hop Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Global Hip Hop News.
So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and International Hip Hop News.

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