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Hello hip hip lovers, welcome back again to our news panel. Again we are here with the most trendy headlines of Domestic Hip Hop News or Indian Hip Hop News. So let’s start:-

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Big News Today: Bollywood superstar “Ranbir Kapoor” has revealed his top third song from the Spotify playlist

During an interview with Spotify, Bollywood Superstar “Ranbir Kapoor revealed his top favorite song list from his Spotify Playlist. He marked “Karan Aujila” song “Softly” as his third top favorite song from the playlist. He also praised the song lyrics beat and why he loves the song.

By the way, what are your top 3 favorite songs from your Spotify playlist, don’t forget to comment below.

I am sharing the Karan Aujila Softly” song. Enjoy it.

A new music video is also been released for “Aarpoi” track by “Loka”

Recently, Indian rapper “Loka” released his new album named “Loka Kaha Hai”. There are 6 tracks on that EP including “Aaropi”. And now, a new music video for the same track “Aaropi”, from the same album is out on YouTube.

To know more about this album, you can also visit our previous blog, where we covered much about this stuff.

“Mc Square” new music track “Gurjari” is been out now on Spotify

Again a wonderful banger and very melodious track “Gurjari” by “Mc Square” is out now on Spotify. It is seriously a next-level banger and till now, it got 7k+ views on Spotify in just a few hours. 

I personally loved this track a lot and even heard this track on Loop too. What are your views on it, do not forget to comment below:-

“Paradox X Afsana Khan ” new music and video track “Biodata” is been out now on YouTube

Big News Today: MTV Hustle 02 contestant and popular Indian rapper “Paradox” has recently shared his new track “Biodata” on the Afsana Khan YouTube channel. This is a collaboration track of “Paradox” & “Afsana Khan”. This is a masterpiece and just one day passed, it managed to get 5Lakh+ views on YouTube. 

By the way, are you a “Mc Square” fan or a “Paradox” fan, do not forget to comment below.

MTV contestant Bob B Randhawa got eliminated. Also, he is having a bad fight or controversies with Rohan Cariappa.

Big News Today: As we all know MTV Hustle 03 is going on, and it’s almost in its finale season. “Bob B Randhawa”, a contestant from MTV Hustle 03 got eliminated. Also, his last performances on the Hustle show were very controversial, as he directly pointed or spit bars against “Rohan Cariappa”, another big Hip Hop Artist and Rap Breakdown artist. 

As in one of the tracks, “Bob B Randhawa” lyrics were something like this- “Ab kya YouTubers rap karna sikhayenge)”.
So to reply in this context, Rohan Cariappa had recently released his new video, where he very openly talked about this matter. He also made a parody of Bob B Randhawa’s song, where he changed his lyrics and made it a funny video. He also commented, that his performance was very loose the last weekend. 

Also, he shared or commented on every performance done on the MTV Hustle 03, last weekend in a very detailed manner.
I am sharing the video below, go and watch it and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Regularly we are updating every big Indian Hip Hop News,  including the news related to DHH (Desi Hip Hop) and Indian Underground Hip Hop Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Global Hip Hop News.
So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and International Hip Hop News.

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