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Hello buddies, welcome back again to our news panel. We are here again with the most trendy headlines of Domestic Hip Hop News or Indian Hip Hop News. So let’s get started:-

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MTV Hustle 03 contestant “Gaush” is been eliminated in the Battle round with “Uday”

Big News Today: MTV Hustle 03, is about to its final stages now, and from last weekend’s battle round, it got its top 6 contestants too. The last weekend was the Battle round theme and one of the most popular battles happened between “Gaush” and “Uday”. The battle link is below too.

In this battle performance, “Gaush” in just one place got fumbled, and due to this, the battle result was in favor of “Uday”, otherwise both the tracks are dope.

Gaush Battle Track “Tap Out”-
Uday Battle Track “Recycled”-

After this elimination round, now 6 top and finalist artists remain on the MTV Hustle 03 show, the list of artists is as follows:-

  • Mrunal Shankar
  • Uday
  • 100 RBH
  • Vijay Dada
  • Bassick
  • Kayden Sharma

By the way, who according to you will be winning the title of MTV Hustle 03, do not forget to comment down below.

Hustle 2.0 Contestant “Khullar G” has recently dropped a freestyle, where he talks about Kr$na, Seedhe Maut, and Agsy

Hip Hop Artist “KhullarG” has recently dropped his new freestyle track on his Instagram. He very smoothly shows his respect or gives a shout-out to the big Indian Hip Hop artists such as “Kr$na” and “Seedhe Maut”. Also, he takes shorts on “Agsy” and speaks about her too.

I am sharing the Instagram link of this video below, go and check it out. 

Check Video- KhullarG Freestyle Instagram.

Hip Hop Artist “Ikka” has dropped his new track “Laadla” from the album “O.L.G.R.”

Big DHH news:- Popular Indian Hip Hop artist “Ikka” has released his new track “Laadla” from his new album “O.L.G.R.” on the famous YouTube channel- T-series. This track has ear-catching music beats and phrases, which makes it a dope track. It was out around 11:00 AM and till now it managed to get 89k+ views on YouTube, in just 2 hours timeframe. 

I like this track a lot and even am hearing it on a loop too, what’s your views on it, pin your comment below:-

“Harjas Harjaayi” new track “Bechain” is out now on YouTube

Popular Hip Hop Artist and Ex  Kalamkaar label artist “Harjas Harjayi” new track “Bechain” is out now on YouTube from his official YouTube channel. It was out on 15 December 2023 and till now it managed to get it around 19k+ views on YouTube. The track is about trust issues in relationships and he very beautifully dissed or cursed the love in his way.

By the way are you a “Kalamkaar” fan or a “Harjas Harjaayi” fan, comment below.

The new track “Alright” from “Flowbo” is already out on YouTube

“Bantai Records” labeled artist “FLOWBO” new track “Alright” is already been out on YouTube on December 15, 2023. One of the cool-vibed this track managed to get 46k+ views on YouTube till now and the audience kind of likes this track. 

What are your views on this track, do not forget to comment below.

Big Hip Hop News: Popular Indian singer “Arijit Singh” New collaborations are soon coming up with “Badshah” and “Divine”

Good news for Indian hip hop is coming off, as popular Indian Bollywood singer “Arijit Singh” has recently had a podcast with The Music Podcast YouTube channel. It is 01 hour and 28-minute-long podcast where “Arijit Singh” talks about his lifestyle, learnings, struggles, and many more. 

He also discussed his upcoming projects with popular rap artists “Badshah” and “Divine”. He is about to come up with 5 different songs with rapper “Badshah”.

I am sharing the podcast video below, more you can checkout here.

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Regularly we are updating every big Indian Hip Hop News,  including the news related to DHH (Desi Hip Hop) and Indian Underground Hip Hop Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Global Hip Hop News.
So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and International Hip Hop News.

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