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Hello Hip-Hop lovers, welcome back to our Hip Hop News panel. Let’s try to cover the latest bit of Domestic Hip Hop News or Indian Hip Hop News. So let’s dive deep inside here:-

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Big News Today: Karan Aujila X Divine Album soon going to drop

Hip Hop artist “Karan Aujila” has recently announced a collab Album with rapper “Divine”, where he also clearly mentioned that in the upcoming album, he has more than 5+ collaborative songs with Divine. He shared this story in his Livestream.
In a single Album, they have more than 5+ collaborated songs, which is very surprising news. Am been very excited about this Album, what about you, comment below:-

What are the thoughts of Kr$na on the collaboration with Emiway? Know what Kr$na replied?

Recently “Kr$na”, an Indian Hip-Hop artist podcast been out on Ranveer Allahbadia YouTube Channel, where he shared the inspiring stories of his Hip Hop journey. Also, he talked about, how he got bullied in “England” and many such stories.
Also, when the host “Ranveer Allahbadia”, asked him the question, of whether he would be okay to collaborate on a song with Emiway. He simply refused it and said, that in his present state of mind, he does not agree or want to work with Emiway.

Hip-hop artist “Badshah” recently released his new track “Jawaab” on his official YouTube Channel

Popular and very rich Hip-Hop artist “Badshah” has dropped his new track Jawaab. This track is very cool and has a melodious vibe. Till now, it got around 52k+ views on YouTube. The video of the song is also very beautiful, where most of the video shots are around the village bus or mountaineering area. He shared the screens with the very beautiful and talented actress “Gayatri Bhardwaj”.

I like the vibe, what are your thoughts on it, comment below. Also, comment below- whom you like most- Honey Singh or Badshah?

Track “Urvashi” of Mc Stan and Ikka is been out now

Popular Rapper “Ikka” and Big Boss winner or Hip Hop Artist “Mc Stan” awaiting track named “Urvashi” has been released now on the YouTube channel of T-Series. The track really has a different vibe, and both artist’s rhyming skills and verses have glorified the whole track. Till now, it got more than 1M+ views and #11 trending on YouTube music. 

I personally like the “Ikka” verse a lot, what is your opinion, comment below:-

Rapper J Trix has dropped his new track- “Middle Class Boys” on his YouTube Channel

J Trix, an Indian Hip-Hop artist from “Kalamkaar” has released his new track- “Middle Class Boys” on his personal official channel J Trix. He is well known for his amazing rhyming and vocal skillset. He very beautifully described his own story as a Middle-class boy and about his struggles and hype on this song.

Track “Silvatein” is been out now on the YouTube Channel of Fotty Seven

Artist “Fotty Seven” new track “Silvatein” is out now on his official channel Fotty Seven. This track has very peaceful and melodic vibes, I really feel very calm after hearing this track. Now, it has more than 10K+ views on YouTube, and hip-hop lovers are also loving this vibe too. What are your thoughts, comment below:-

Honey Singh, a legend of Hip Hop Indian Artists new track “Dheeth” is already been out

Indian Hip-Hop legend Honey Singh, new music track “Dheeth” is already been out on the Zee Music Company, official YouTube Channel. This track has his old Gangsta vibes, and people or Hip-Hop lovers are been very crazy about this song. Also, this track is ranked no. #2 trending on the YouTube music.

He very sarcastically got some angry punches or lines about the rapper “Badshah” and his other rivalries. I personally loved this song and till now had heard it about 20-30 times on loop.

Conclusion: Grab the Latest Indian Hip Hop News/DHH News Hip Hop/Domestic Hip Hop News

Regularly we are updating every big Indian Hip Hop News,  including the news related to DHH (Desi Hip Hop) and Indian Underground Hip Hop Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Global Hip Hop News.
So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and International Hip Hop News.

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