Weekly Big Updates Of International Hip Hop News- 16 Nov 2023

International Hip Hop News

Hey Hoodies, welcome back to our Hip Hop News panel. Let’s try to cover the latest bit of International Hip Hop News. So let’s dive deep inside here:-

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Exciting Hip Hop International News: Lil Cool J has recently received a special gift from Eminem.

LL Cool J has recently received a special gift from Eminem. Now most of our viewers might think it to be some kind of expensive or luxury gift, but you might be shocked if I tell you that it is just a jar of his new Mom Spaghetti Pasta Sauce. 

Actually, Eminem is the half-business owner of Mom Spaghetti. In this way, Lil Cool J promoted the product, which did good business for Eminem too. Recent time back, Drake, also shared his story where he also thanked Eminem, for the Mom Spaghetti Pasta Sauce.

Lil Cool J recently honored DJ Kool Herc in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame on November 2023

Lil Cool J recently honored DJ Kool Herc in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame on November 2023, where Lil Cool J gave him the credits of the Father of Hip Hop and very respectfully honored the gentleman. Even he broke into tears after watching the crowd’s love and respect shown by Lil Cool J.

DJ Kool Herc is really a legend who experimented on instrumental music beats, which later gave birth to MCing and other Hip Hop Elements. He is one of the strong foundations of the Hip Hop culture.

Big News Hip Hop: Jon Batiste recently announced his first tour as headliner.

Jon Batiste (Grammy and Oscar Award Winner in Music Composition) recently announced his first tour as a headliner. He is hitting the road show as a first tour, that will bring him to the Rivera Theater in Chicago on 24 Feb 2023. He is also in the 6 more Grammy Awards nominations for next year.

Beyonce launched her new trailer “RENAISSANCE”

Beyonce recently launched a trailer “RENAISSANCE– A Film By Beyonce” on her YouTube Channel. The teaser had already got 834k views in just 5 days. Also, people’s reviews are very positive about this film. The tickets are on sale too, you can check the website- beyoncefilm.com

Billie Eilish laughs at Lil Yachty’s comments about her Big Tits in the song “Another Late Night”

Recently Drake and Lil Yachty’s song “Another Late Night” from the Album “6 God” was released, where Lil Yachty’s version of this song has some lyrics like– “ I let her go, she fine as hell but baby wasn’t stylish, She had big tits like Billie Eilish but she couldn’t sing

So in the context of the lyrics “big tits like Billie Eilish”, she took it very lightly and shared the lyrics on her Instagram too. She replied this thing by saying that Lil Yachty’s is her good friend and she also loved her huge tits too.

Andre 3000 is dropping his solo Alubm “New Blue Sun” on 17 November 2023

Andre 3000 an American singer and rapper announces his solo new album “New Blue Sun” on 17 November 2023, which means tomorrow.
“New Blue Sun” will be the Andre 3000’s first new music in 17 years. In 2006, he and Outkast collaborator Antwan Big BoiPatton dropped the “Idlewilde” track which became popular too.
Andre 3000 revealed that this “New Blue Sun” allows him to explore self-expression through music without using words in his years-long interest in flutes, saxophones, and other similar instruments.

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Regularly we are updating every big International Hip Hop News and Global Hip Hop Underground Scenes. Regularly, we are also updating the articles on every big news headline of Domestic or Indian Hip Hop News.

So stay tuned and get ready for every big update regarding Indian Hip Hop news and Hip Hop International News.


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